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We are the 3rd Eaglescliffe Brownies, part of Girlguiding UK.

There is a new programme starting in September 2018 designed to develop skills from age 5 to adulthood. These skills include leadership and teamwork, STEM activities and creativity, community and cultural knowledge and action, exploration and outdoor adventures, independent living and DIY, digital and non-digital communication, campaigning and negotiation.

These skills are designed to empower young girls to have a meaningful and positive impact on their own future and an awareness of the wider world.

There will be badges to gain, adventures to be had, friendships to be built and fun for all.

We are requesting a grant to help us supply the necessary programme equipment for the girls and our Brownie pack.

The would contribute towards the ‘skills builder’ modules, ‘unit meeting activity cards’ and a new Handbook and Badge book for each girl (30 total) to help them track their progress throughout the new programme stages.

The overall outlay for our Brownie pack is nearly £400, but a grant would substantially help towards this and enable us to continue to provide stimulating, up-to-date meetings for our girls and therefore benefiting our local community.

We greatly appreciate your consideration.

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