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The Community Centre is a registered charity (700295) and is extremely functional and is open seven days a week offering a range of opportunities to promote health and well being, educational, recreational and environmental issues – with its main purpose of providing activities and services for the benefit of the village of Blackhall Colliery and its surrounding area.

In order to achieve this we need a team that gels and work to a common goal. Earlier this year we suffered a series of redundancies and that left us with only 5 staff. The Blackhall 5 have pulled together and have worked wonders under their new roles – It takes a lot of commitment to work in this environment and they have taken on board every change every challenge and deal and over come obstacles on a daily basis.

Members of the team make high quality decisions together and have the support and commitment of the group to carry out the decisions made. They also gain the support and commitment of the people they report to in order to accomplish and communicate the team’s progress and success. The centre feels like home, it’s welcoming and warm and that’s all down to the team behind it. We currently have shirts that reflect team and we would love to freshen up the whole team by refreshing the look and making us more corporate and a new uniform will do that.

It will reinforce our ethos of Team Blackhall.

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