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Using technology to improve opportunities and outcomes for our children. 

Christ the King is a friendly and welcoming primary school where the children work hard to be the best they can and to make our community a better place. Children deserve the best opportunities and at Christ the King learning would be enhanced if the children had access to modern portable technology, such as iPads in their classrooms – the school is currently attempting to raise money to purchase five iPads for use across the whole school.

To develop learning in science, the iPads will be converted into digital microscopes, which will breathe new life into science lessons by allowing students to explore the world of science using an iPad as a microscope. 

By converting the iPad to a digital microscope the children will also capture videos and photos while exploring the world around them to develop classroom projects. Once the students have captured photos and videos, they can convert them to group classroom projects by organising the content into presentations or digital books. They can also animate the photos and integrate them into a storyline to enhance their understanding of the world.

Having seen the Bright Ideas fund being promoted throughout the business and community, I could not let this opportunity pass me by. Funding of £250 would make a significant difference to the childrens learning potential and making the possibility of purchasing Ipads through out the school a reality .

Many Thanks

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