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I am a voluntary community development worker, who delivers projects for young people to get involved with.I have been involved with many different community projects, including sports, gardening and arts. We have made two murals for our local community and I would like to start a new project to create another mural for another community. I had so much goos feedback from the community, about the last ones we did, that I feel that we should do more. Colour helps to brighten up even the most run down places and the communities I work in are very deprived areas.

I am passionate about inclusion, breaking down barriers and young people finding their niche. A lot of the young people I work with are lost and need a sense of purpose. I found the last project I did, inspired the young people I was working with and broke down some barriers between different races.

I have found a wall to do it on and have a community. My plan is to deliver workshops in a local learning disability youth club, bringing in young people who do not have learning disabilities, for them to engage in art together. I think that every community could benefit from participating in projects like this one.

The money will be spent on employing an artist, materials, rental of space and expenses for young people who may not be able to attend, but want to.

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