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This application is on behalf of ‘Connect Company’ Theatre group which is based at Sunderland Empire Theatre and coordinated by Creative Learning & Community Partnerships team (CLCP). ‘Connect Company’ are a unique group of extraordinary adults with additional needs who have an interest in drama.

The group originated from a partnership between CLCP and No Limits Theatre. Six months ago, No Limits Theatre were unable to continue housing Connect Company, and the group found themselves on the verge of disbanding. Upon hearing this, CLCP worked with No Limits Theatre to rehouse them at our venue.

The group are now settled, and want to work together for the first time to devise a piece of issue based theatre. Purchasing props and costumes will help stimulate the groups imagination and help generate new ideas. We know that people with additional needs respond well to interacting with sensory materials, so these resources will support our group with language development, cognitive growth, motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction.

The money would also support the group to perform early stages of their piece with members of the community, increasing the groups impact in society. We have fantastic links to Special Education Needs schools in our area, and are keen to gain their feedback on the work ‘Connect Company’ devise.

CLCP deliver the charitable aims of Sunderland Empire Theatre Trust – a registered charity, company no. 01100887, through a weekly programme of groups including Connect Company. The grant will be managed by Sunderland CLCP. 

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