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Let’s Get Cooking!


Crooksbarn Primary School is based in Norton, Stockton. We teach pupils from a variety of estates across the Borough of Stockton: Norton Village, Roseworth, The Glebe, Crooksbarn Estate, Billingham and Norton Grange.


Pupils love to cook, but sadly due to lack of funding, we are struggling to provide up to date resources, equipment and the money for the ingredients needed for our children to have what they need to make a variety of meals and dishes.


Team building and working together with parents and children across age groups is the main aim of this project. We want to be able to invite parents in to cook with groups of children, encourage the older children to bake with the younger children and pass these life skills on through the years at Crooksbarn.


We will keep the obesity crisis at bay, with a wide variety of healthy, homemade meal choices, which can then be carried out at home. These can include baking, chopping toppings for pizzas, rolling dough and blending tomato sauces, which will produce a finished product.


In Early Years, cooking can aid communications and socialisation skills. In KS1, children can link their cooking projects to their writing, by writing a list of instructions for others to follow and in KS2 children can learn to adapt menus from around the world and learn the basics of chopping, slicing and grating to make meals at home themselves, to encourage independence as they get older.


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