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Daisy Chain Project was established as a local community initiative to support families affected by autism. We now support over 2300 families annually and continue to meet the needs of those affected by autism across the Tees Valley. 

More than 1 in a 100 people in the UK are on the autism spectrum which affects those we work with in 4 key areas: communication differences, processing information, social understanding and sensory differences. These differences often induce high levels of anxiety which can make social interaction and teamwork difficult.

Families tell us they are faced with a lack of suitable support services meaning their children become isolated and lonely due to limited social contact. Most autistic people want more friends but find forming and maintaining relationships difficult. Autistic people are 4 times more likely to be lonely than the general public. 

Daisy Chain’s Easter half term ‘Away Day’ will provide opportunities for young people to attend an exciting excursion to an adventure venue. Many service users flourish in the natural environment therefore our project will focus on outdoor adventurous activities. Young people with autism will be supported and encouraged to take part in teamwork activities such as rock climbing and canoeing. Excursions will be structured to positively challenge service users to overcome social exclusion barriers. Our beneficiaries will develop strategies and coping mechanisms which are critical to improving social skills, teamwork and confidence. Venator funding will allow us to offer those with autism the same opportunities afforded to neurotypical children.

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