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We are a newly formed group aiming to improve South Park in Darlington. We hope to this by running events and activities and raising the profile of the park. We are only a small group but with big aspirations to see the park improve and continue to be the much loved park that everyone enjoys. We know that the Council will continue to maintain the park as they do, but with budgets getting ever tighter, we are trying to harness the communities love of the park to engage with volunteers to build on this and help to keep South Park special. We are aiming to run training, activities and events but we need to grow and build a presence in order to do that. We have a Facebook page (Darlington South Park Foundation) and a volunteer has offered to support us in building a website. But we are wanting to learn and build our capacity as a group. We hope to be able to learn about how to use social media to support our cause. We would request funding to pay for the training course. If successful in getting more than £250 we would use this to be able to support costs associated with building our website. We hope you consider our request and thank you for taking the time to read about us.

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