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Our school’s Science Vision is ‘to provide each and every one of our naturally curious learners with purposeful, inspiring and enjoyable practical experiences in Science.’

We believe that capturing our children’s natural curiosity for the world around them plays a pivotal role in them understanding their place within it – this is why we are always trying to improve the opportunities we provide for children to ‘work scientifically’, asking their own questions and following different lines of enquiry to answer them. A huge part of our science curriculum promotes the children getting ‘hands on’ and gathering their own data to test out theories and develop their knowledge and understanding through purposeful practical activities.

With the Bright Ideas funding, we would love the opportunity to build our resource bank further by purchasing some data loggers and mobile microscopes to add to our mobile science laboratory. These valuable resources would allow us to provide greater opportunities for the children to collect accurate data for analysis and conclusion forming. Learners would be able take the lead in their enquiry work and be exposed to how modern technology plays a part in the current – and future – world of science.

We thank you for taking the time to show an interest in our application,

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