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Stopping isolation with people with fibromyalgia, showing them life isn’t over, it’s simply slowed down, and people are ready to help.

The funding will ensure we have members of staff on hand to help and chat to anyone who comes through the doors who are confused and unsure what the future holds.

The positive impact is that people will no longer feel alone that there is someone ready to listen and chat and of course support this individual.

We can invite their family and help educate them on what is happening to either mum or dad or any family member, education is a key factor in helping families get to grips of what is happening. If we can reduce the stress the individual is feeling and provide that support going forward, then we are showing positivity.

We want them to feel and have a good quality of life, even though they have fibromyalgia. The need to retrain the brain because life is different now for them, to learn to accept they cannot do a lot of the physical abilities they did before. The support group has a great relationship with other community groups across Hartlepool. The biggest part of fibromyalgia is stress, and if we can reduce this stress with any individual then we are on the right track. Stopping the rise in suicide is vital in our work here, we have saved 7 ladies since January and one male. We are on the right path.

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