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Fulwell Community Library is a community run CIC that serves North Sunderland as a day time meeting place.

We have a library of 19,500 books, we run a Community Cafe with 13 tables, and run events within the library such as a choir with 80+ members, a readers club, writers club, young mothers and babies club, ukulele club, textile group and knit and natter among other things. We have a thriving youth club and host talks, plays and shows as well as a once monthly quiz all of which are well attended.

Our aim is to provide very inexpensive meeting facilities for our local area. We have been working for 3 years and have around 60 volunteers. We reinvest much of our earnings in the local area to generate wealth for local communities. Last year we were able to finance the local Christmas Tree and light standard decorations.

We also work in concert with a charity, Friends of Fulwell and local traders to deliver projects including street planting and competitions at various times.

If successful we would use the money to install audio visual equipment to begin running films and other events for our users. We already put on shows and plays but film would continue improving our offer. We would also need to buy the films direct from a distributor, so at present the price is around £90 per offering, which means the money could fund 11 films.

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