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At Grange Primary School, we are committed to giving all of our children (aged 2-11) the opportunity to take part in and enjoy practical science activities within their lessons and at after school clubs.

Science coordinators have, through discussions with teachers and a resource audit, identified the key area of need: ‘Working Scientifically’. This is a strand from the national curriculum which is covered in every year group. Subsequently, our science coordinators have worked with STEM learning and accessed research from SCORE (Science Community Representing Education) to identify resources needed to support the pupils when completing practical work and to ensure that all children receive well-rounded, inspirational science teaching.

Science coordinators have, through parent/carer questionnaires and pupil voice activities, identified that although children enjoy science in school there is a real desire to participate in more practical activities. The purchase of exciting resources will enable us to fulfil these wishes and provide children with more opportunities to work scientifically within lessons and at after school clubs.

An outline of the resources we intend to purchase if we obtain the funding from VENATOR is attached as part of this application. This includes the intended impact upon year groups. As the science coordinators are committed to upskilling teachers and children, guidelines as to how to use and maintain the resources so that they have the maximum impact on children’s science education will be delivered in staff meetings, team meetings and via email.

Thank you for considering Grange Primary School’s application.

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