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The Lets Take Action Group (LTA) are for young people in care who are aged 12+. The aim of the group is to shape the service which is offered for children and young people in care in Stockton. The LTA is a strong team weather they’re working with professionals to shape services or attending creative workshops, going to the theatre or on days out.

“The Let’s Take Action group is a group for young people who are part of the care system and want to change the care system for themselves and others around them.”

“With the group I have travelled around the North East and down South to London, I am also part of the Regional Children in Care Council which is a great experience.”

“The group helps you to build confidence”

Hannah and Liani, Let’s Take Action

The LTA are currently working with Michelle Tripp a local visual artist and would love to design some murals for the walls of one of the contact centres in Stockton, contact centres provide spaces for children and young people in care to meet up with their parents, they are important spaces for young people in care and are often geared towards young children rather than teenagers, the LTA want to change that!

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