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If successful we would be looking at taking the group to Whitby Youth Hostel for an activity weekend centred around teamwork. The weekend will include activities such as orienteering, team quiz games and general team building exercises. The costs will be mainly the coach to transport us there and back and the price of the Hostel for a 1 night stay. The whole purpose of Sportability is to create a fun and friendly atmosphere within the group. We have been going for 15 years and most of the attendees have been with us for a long time. Each week we do different activities and encourage participation whatever the child’s ability but we like to go away at least once a year to focus on team building and bonding with everyone in the group. Some families are unable to go away (for a variety of reasons including transport, financial issues and health needs) and therefore they really look forward to, and rely, on a trip away with Sports Club, especially as they get to spend time with family’s in a similar situation. It it therefore not just the children who benefit but the family’s of the children get to meet peers and establish a support network. Sportability is all about getting the kids of Teesside active, working well together and interacting with other members.

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