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Miles for men are a local charity based in Hartlepool. Miles for men was founded in 2012 by Mr Micheal Day after his late father passed away, Micheal Snr had been battling throat cancer.

Michael wanted to create a legacy to keep his father’s memory alive, this is when miles for men was created.

At first it started as a 5k fun run in order to raise money for cancer research – in the first 2 years miles for men raised £125,000 which was donated to cancer research.

Since then, miles for men now successfully supports individuals and families who are undergoing cancer treatment by offering emotional and financial support: Providing food parcels during COVID 19 , energy vouchers, specialised bikes, mental health support via peer to peer support groups through our branch off charity Minds for men

We have also planned 2 weddings for individuals whose partner was battling terminal cancer, and another wedding where both the individuals where battling cancer. We have also created sensory rooms for children who have special needs, and supported individuals with mental health problems by helping them to integrate into the community by completing community projects. And, with the help of the local community, miles for men raised over £35,000 to help a little girl receive an operation in order to help her walk.

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