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Monkhouse Primary School serves a community of 242 pupils and their families. In late 2018 we began a programme to update our traditional yard and field outdoor play areas to strategically and sustainably improve the quality of play opportunities with the support of OPAL playtimes. Our aim is to create and maintain a stimulating environment where pupils can play adventurously and independently to develop their practical and social skills.

84% of our parents believe that as a child, their own play experiences developed and improved their skills for life, yet 76% of parents feel that their children do not have the same outdoor play opportunities as they had.

You will see from the attached photographs that our Children are already developing their teamwork through independent adventurous play with the various building materials now available to them in the playground. We would welcome the additional funds from Venator’s Together fund to build on this and contribute to the purchase of additional “teamworking” play materials including a large water maze and additional building materials.

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