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MTB Guisborough is a successful community based mountain bike club with the main purpose of encouraging people to safely particpate in cycling in the fantastic countryside on our doorstep.

The club has a strong focus providing high quality, structured coaching for kids of all ages so that they can learn, enjoy the outdoors and get involved in local and national races. All through the year there is a busy coaching program for kids age 2 to 16. This requires the commitment of a team of dedicated and trained volunteers, as well as equipment.

This year the club trialed some portable wooden ramps at childrens coaching sessions. These are a new design fabriacted by a local Yorkshire company. These were intended to create a safe but challenging environment for kids to learn new skills and have fun, and to train our race team. The sessions require teamwork and coordination from volunteers and there is heavy focus on group activities for the kids. The ramps were also used at the 2018 Guisborough Priory Festival as a drop in session for the local community. The ramps have been a great success but the club only has a limitted number of ramps available. This limits their use by different age groups, especially our race team.

The grant would be used to purchase additional ramps (quote attached). The benefit would be that we could enhance our coaching sessions and provide better opportunities for teamwork, safe learning and community events.

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