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We run a Homeless Cafe 5 Days a week at 11 Princes Road Middlesbrough TS1 4BD.

It is a free cafe giving a hot or cold drink, a dinner and a pudding to the homeless and new benefit claims such as Universal Credit which takes up to 6 weeks for a payment.

We are all Volunteers mainly from the job centre as we give work experience and a Reference to help find work. I have found 7 volunteers paid work in the last year. We also have prisoners volunteering with us who are given something back into the community before release.We feed up to 65 people a day and we love our work, working together as a second family.

We work with Homeless officers, Police and 2020 Housing. We pack the homeless up giving them a later feed and provide sleeping bags and clothes.We are also trained to carry Naloxone injection for Drug Overdoses and recently had to use it to save a man’s life.

Marks and Spencers and Tesco provide us twice a week with surpus supplies. If we get funding we would like to put on a Special Christmas meal with crackers and hats and gifts for these people who have very little as a special treat. Please help our cause as very little out there for the homeless. And we are a Charity that works 5 days no matter the weather.

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