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Hi there!

We are the Newcastle University Ice Hockey Club and we are looking for funding to help provide our club with more access to equipment to allow us to involve all of our club members.

Our club has a yearly ongoing beginners program that we use to provide students who have never even been ice skating before the opportunity to try out the amazing sport of ice hockey. Each year we get around 40-50 new members of our club and it is our job to teach them how to skate, we start off slow and move up into the harder things by playing games that get people moving on the ice. We are hoping to buy some equipment that can help us out with this training, things like bibs and cones for setting up skating drills.

We have 4 active teams in our club, 3 of which that are mixed between men and women and also an exclusive women’s team. We always try to encourage our club to support each other in fixtures, even hiring a minibus to carry spectators to and from games. Currently our budget is stretched thin and we are struggling to organize these supporters buses to help our teams to victory.

We hope that we can encourage more and more people every year to come and give Ice hockey a go, even if you have no idea what to do we love to teach people the ropes!

Thank you very much!

The Newcastle Wildcats.

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