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We are a group of Rainbow (4 units), Brownies (6 units) and Guides (4 units) units containing approximately 280 young girls age 5 to 14.

We are looking to organise an adventure day to give all the girls the opportunity to gain there camp skills builder. The camp skills builder is a badge in the guiding programme, the programme is a cross sectional programme from level 1 for Rainbows to level 5 for Guides. We are looking to organise a day that will give each girl an opportunity to gain this badge in a day at an appropriate level for the section they are part of.

Not all of our leaders feel they have the skills to enable them to offer these activities in there own units so the idea is to utilise the skills of leaders as whole division to give the girls the opportunity to gain this award which otherwise they may not achieve.

Due to personal circumstances not all girls in our division have the opportunity to be involved with events outside the meeting place. We are hoping to be able to offer this day to the girls completely free of charge meaning that all girls will have to chance to participate and not only achieve an award but have an exciting and adventurous activity day.

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