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We are the Polish Saturday School which was established over two years ago by the group of teachers and friends. Today, we are a real, supplementary school with over 100 pupils and with over 100 challenges!

We have discovered that one of the greatest ideas to inspire our learners is giving them an opportunity to express themselves. That’s why we have started to organize many drama activities during our classes and after lessons as well.

Last year we had a great Christmas play and we did a great show. We had involved children with many individual problems in our “little theatre” idea and noticed that many of them were finally able to become a part of the group. Children helped teachers with the scenario and roles. They made their own theatre props, they created their characters, they shared with their ideas. There was a lot of fun and that experience taught us all how to build a team-work and a confidence in the strength of the ensemble. We would like to develop this idea.

We would like to project more of this type of activities and teach children how to create something great and beautiful together. The arts: music, dance and drama teach us how to express ourselves and build the relation with others. We would like to have Musical Instrument Set for our children to have a school band and wide range of costume pieces to create different kind of plays and shows.


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