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Priory Archers is a popular and fast growing club based at Skelton in Cleveland. We are an inclusive group making this great sport acessible to local people, with a mix of able bodied and disabled members who all shoot together. Our members range from 10 to 70+ and we have whole families who shoot. Many of our members who struggled with school based sport find a love of fresh air and fitness with bows and arrows in hand and a target in front of them. 

Our club recently suffered a devastating burglary where all of our arrows and many beginner bows, along with our metal detectors were stolen. We also lost our soft archery arrows that allows our club to run fun events for local charities. This loss leaves our club in a position where we are unable to train or accept new members. Since the beginner courses help fund the new targets we need each year, the theft of equipment has placed the future of the club in jeopardy. 

Press coverage of the burglary has lead to a flood of enquiries from people who wish to join our club. Unfortunately we are unable to welcome these people to our club and have to direct them out of area. 

We would love to receive a grant allowing us to replace the stolen equipment and let our club go from strength to strength by welcoming new members and supporting local charities.

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