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The Snowdrop Nursery children have a motto: “Snowdrops can do anything”. We believe no matter how small we are, we can achieve anything by working together and supporting one other. At the heart of the Snowdrop Nursery is our outdoor area in which children thrive. The children complete woodwork, explore nature and cook outdoors. The children have a respect for the environment and understand the importance of helping one another whilst learning and enhancing many skills. The children enthusiastically engage with nature and have developed a passion for outdoor learning. We have older children who visit on our Woodland Wednesday sessions, developing responsibility and leadership skills. We would like to invest further in the outdoor area to enhance team work and communication to enable children to achieve, make friends and lay the strong foundations for their future well-being. We would like to purchase den kits to promote team work, problem solving and negotiating skills and outdoor telephones to encourage language and communication development.

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