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The Science National Curriculum says that children should take ‘accurate measurements using standard units, using a range of equipment, including thermometers and data loggers.’

A data logger is an electronic device used to measure and record things like temperature, sound, light and heart rate. The data can then be downloaded onto a computer and studied. Children can interpret the data they have collected with the data logger, making results tables and drawing a range of graphs and charts.

Children at our school do not currently have the opportunity to use a data logger, as they are quite expensive, costing £119.95 each, and we have yet to be able to purchase any. Access to a data logger is the only way to collect effective, accurate and reliable data, and using a data logger allows children to work more like a real scientist would, achieving better results and being more scientific. It will also allow teachers to be more innovative with the science experiments that they are able to carry out and open up a broader range of investigations. It is also a great way to link science with maths. The data and graphs can be used in maths lessons about statistics.

We would like to use the Venator grant to purchase two EasySense Vu+ data loggers. We hope you will support our project and help us to buy this important, versatile and exciting piece of equipment which will be of benefit to so many children/mini-scientisits!

Thank you.

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