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The 16th Stockton Boys Brigade is for lads aged between 11-18 that has met weekly on a Monday night in Stockton for over 60 years. The Boys Brigade aims to develop lads personally, socially and provide opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable.

The highlight of the Boys Brigade year is the annual summer camp which we and our sister company take 20-30 lads away for a week in the Yorkshire dales. The 2017 camp marked the 50 year that we have camped in the same farmers field in Redmire. On a typical Boys Brigade camp a lad will experience,



football and other games

fire craft

team challenges

devotional sessions

night games





The lads that attend camp come from a wide range of social backgrounds, due to this we aim to keep the cost of camp low as possible so that no one is excluded on the basis of wealth. As of 2018 we can run camp for £50 per person including food. This is only possible because we own our tents, marquees, cooking equipment, games equipment, storage and have a large number of volunteers.

Currently the camp washing facilities are with cold water only which has been sufficient but not ideal. If we were to receive a £250 grant we would be able to obtain a gas bottle powered water heater to provide warm water for washing which will improve the camp experience for lads for the next 50 years.

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