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This year we are working with the Widening Participation Team at the University, exploring ways to try and diversify the students who join the club. We want to make the club accessible to all students and one way we are focussing on is subsidising and contributing to race costs. Triathlon competitions come at a high cost from entry fees to transport and accommodation, restricting the students who are able to enter, limiting them from reaching their potential. Our current budget does not allow us to subsidise races as much as we would like, hence why we are applying for the grant. 

We feel passionately that reducing barriers to enter competitions allows students to motivate themselves to train, encourages them to challenge themselves and teaches them the value of supporting teammates. Through the support during training and competitions, members of our club create friendships that help them during challenging times at University and beyond. Furthermore, the benefits of exercise are huge; aiding mental and physical health. University can be a stressful time so by motivating students with a more accessible goal, we feel we can have a lasting impact on their wellbeing.

Finally, we would like to continue entering local races, connecting University students with the Community. Last year, organisers of one local race commented on how our members brought such a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. We are very proud of this and what to develop it further this year by aiding students with entering these races.

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