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The Glebe Primary School’s mission is to be a ‘Gateway to Learning where Every Body Excels’ (G-L-E-B-E).

We strive to ensure that every child meets the expected standard in all subjects, including ‘Science’.

As part of the National Curriculum, we are required to teach the children practical scientific methods, processes and skills. This involves practical experiments where the children can observe closely, using simple equipment, perform simple tests, identify and classify, use their observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions and ability to gather and record data to help in answering questions.

To enable us to conduct these practical experiments, we need various resources. For example, our Key Stage 1 children are currently studying ‘friction’. We would use part of the grant to purchase carpeted ramps to experiment with different materials.

An area of development across the whole school is improving science vocabulary. To achieve this, we would like to provide ‘Science Mats’ (8-10 per classroom) so that each group can easily access, refer to and access ‘science vocabulary’ throughout science lessons. Although a simple resource, we feel that this would have a significant impact and be well worth the laminating costs.

Any consideration that you may give to our application is greatly appreciated.

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