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WAVES Additional Needs Support Group (WAVES) is a not-for profit charity working with children with disabilities/additional needs and their immediate families.

Project = Christmas Party 2019

Need = The children who attend WAVES rarely get invited to parties due to their additional needs i.e. behavioural outbursts/difficulty in managing their emotions/limited social skills. Parents/carers find it difficult to take them to organised parties without feeling judged which impacts on siblings also.   Christmas parties are a ’normal’ activity which many of our children miss out on.  

Feasibility – The WAVES staff will deliver the Christmas Party.  We have a specific events team who will take the lead.  The treasurer will allocate money accordingly.    The staff know the children well and therefore deliver the party in a manner which will lessens the negative emotional impact parties can have on some of our children i.e. music lowered/everyone a winner/supervised visits to Santa and Mascots etc

Impact – The children will be able to ‘be themselves’ in a safe and non-judgemental environment whilst enjoying a Christmas party with their families.  The parents and carers will know there will be support.  This allows the whole family to enjoy the Christmas party making memories.  

Due to the needs of the children, school holidays are a difficult time as they have limited time with friends and peers.  Many of the children are unable to ‘play out’ or ‘hang out’ with friends due to their complex needs and therefore can become isolated over the holidays.  

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