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We propose to buy five S-05 Stereo Microscopes to inspire the children to engage in STEM subjects and to raise aspirations to pursue STEM careers. The S-05 is recommended by the Royal Microscope Society for primary schools and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is lightweight and portable. Our school is in an area of high deprivation and we aim to offer our children as many engaging and inspiring experiences as possible - the microscope will be an important part of this.


5 x microscopes @ £43.77 each = £218.85

2 x packs of 20 petri dishes @£2.49 each= £4.98

2 x packs of pre prepared slides @£13.00= £26.00

Total = £249.83

The project will be managed by Hayley Cooke (STEM Lead), who is experienced at using exciting teaching methods to engage children with science, as evidenced by our recent Gilt Primary Science Quality Mark.


They will be used by our Year 5 STEM ambassadors in the STEM Club they run with younger children. They will also be used in regular science lessons to allow children to improve their investigation skills and in forest school lessons to encourage more detailed interactions with the natural environment. Over 400 children will benefit from the microscopes. We also plan to use them as part of our new family science club to encourage parents to engage in science with their children.

Impact will be evaluated by a pupil voice survey undertaken before and after the introduction of the microscopes.

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