Overfelds Primary School, Ormesby, Middlesbrough

Redcar & Cleveland

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Overfields Primary School is situated in Middlesbrough. Within our school, 21% of the children are eligible for FSM. 52% of the children are entitled to Pupil Premium.

Overfields staff work hard to provide year round after-school clubs. Examples are craft, story, woodwork, netball and dancing clubs. These are run by staff and don’t incur any charges for parents. These are extremely well-attended, helping us to provide additional experiences to our children.

Last year, I became Science Lead and was keen to begin an after school science club. This now runs for Year 2 children. 84% of our children in Year 2 live in the 10 most deprived wards in the country, with half of these living in the top 5% (41%). The club has been a great success with both children and parents. 

 I hope to extend the science club but need to increase the resources available. The children take part in activities such as floating, sinking, light and magnetism.

I am applying to Venator to better resource our science club. The money would help purchase a greater selection of magnets for the children to use e.g. magnetic chips, marbles, wands, bars, rings, and horseshoe magnets, along with magnetic building sets including Magnetix. I would purchase colour mixing bubble kits, mixing paddles, glasses and a set of children’s torches.

I use Professor Brainstorm resources. He came into school last year with his Exploding Science Show. I wish to access more of these to enhance children’s learning and spark science interest.


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