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St Hilds is a school in a deprived area of Hartlepool with pupils having low aspirations. I joined St hilds last year as a science teacher and was asked to implement a project I have previously used in another school to engage and enthuse pupils in science. I have modified and adapted a Forensic project to encourage team work, and engage pupils in science. The project consists of pupils investigating a mock crime scene, collecting evidence and then in the classroom being forensic investigators and analysing evidence. The project will be delivered to six different class of about 20 pupils so in total 120 pupils will benefit. The costing of resources will be 48 paper suits at 2.99 total £143.52, ink pads for fingerprinting 20 at 3.50 each total £70 and other consumables golden syrup and cornflour for blood viscosity, red paint for blood spatter,and backing wall paper. In my previous school the pupils were very enthusiastic in this activity however I have not done it on this scale. As budgets are very tight in schools I would like to engage all pupils but this project will have a cost, so any funding will allow for this project to go ahead and encourage team work, enthuse pupils and raise aspirations. Attached is an overview and photos from previous activities.

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