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At Fens we celebrate science with our 450+ naturally curious learners. We aim to give our children as many opportunities to work in a ‘hands-on’ way, doing, observing, measuring, calculating, recording and concluding. Our Science Vision and Aims document (attached as a supporting document) includes age appropriate language and is shared with children and on display in all classrooms.

With the Bright ideas funding, we would love to begin to set up a mobile laboratory trolley that could be used throughout our school. Our aim would be for the trolley to be filled with equipment that children could use in a wide range of activities across our curriculum that promote ‘working scientifically’. Teachers would be able to utilise the laboratory trolley at any location in our school from the classroom, wildlife garden or newly developed growing garden.

We look forward to hearing of the outcome of our application and would be very interested in working with Venator in the future.

Thank you from,

Fens Primary School Community 

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