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New York Primary School is an active STEM school! We successfully run an annual STEM week and fair which is supported by many local businesses and organisations. This event is a highlight on our annual calendar, attended by many families and friends of New York. We have supported other schools in setting up STEM weeks of their own. We run 2 extra curricular clubs each night after school and these include maths, coding, construction and design, local environment, nature explorers and science and engineering for families, (for Key Stage 2). It is this latter activity that we would like to extend to Key Stage One pupils and families.

Research evidences that parents play a crucial role in supporting their children's learning and levels of parental engagement are consistently associated with children's academic

outcomes. We have a team of 6 Key Stage 2 pupils who are science ambassadors developing a series of STEM activities for Key Stage 1 pupils and we would love to be able to purchase additional learning resources including a Polymer Properties Kit, A butterfly garden with butterfly chrysalis vouchers so we can breed our own New York Butterflies, a set of 10 hand held Microscopes and K'NEX construction and/or vehicle set. We encourage our pupils to aspire to pursue a STEM career and feature career pathways in our

teaching and learning. This is a great opportunity for pupils to experience leading a series of STEM workshops, developing skills and knowledge for scientists and engineers of the future.

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