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We would be looking for funding for our amazing after school club “The Hangout” which provides a space for children between Reception and Year 8 to enjoy activites after school and during school holidays. We hold a weekly science club and would love to be able to buy more equipment and resources to expand our supplies and broaden the range of STEM activites we can do with our young people. As this is an extremely rural area, this is an essential resource for young children to expand their learning outside of school and prove learning is fun!

North Tynies is a registered charity and therefore often relies on donated materials to support the group and we have had children bringing in their own science kits from home to share with friends - this proves that they are keen to learn and expand their knowledge, but we’d love to be able to have more options when it comes to the experience we provide. Having this grant would make a massive difference to our Science Club as we would look to buy resources which could be used multiple times to ensure more children could benefit.

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