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I am applying on behalf of Chaloner Primary, based in Guisborough, North East England. If we were to win a £250 grant from the Bright Ideas Fund, we would use the money to turn an old, unused and unloved quadrangle area, into a sensory garden in a child who recently passed's memory. The sensory garden will be a whole-school project and an open space where children can learn, communicate with each other and become closer to nature. We have a high proportion of PP children and we know that this project could benefit and support our community in many ways. Having a green space will help reduce greenhouse gases and produce oxygen. If we have feeders and areas for insects and wildlife to stay, such as nests and habitats, then conservation will be supported. By having a variety of flowers and herbs, bees will be attracted which helps biodiversity. As pollinators, bees help with maintaining the ecosystem and are very important to the environment. We are very keen for the garden to be finished before our current Y6 children – the child who passed away’s peers – leave us behind for secondary school. We love to reduce, reuse and recycle so are eager to incorporate elements which celebrate this within the garden, such as hotels/habitats, feeders and water systems. We know that these do not cost much, however if we were awarded the funding then this would enable us to maximise the garden's potential, from a STEAM perspective. Thank you.

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