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Breckon Hill Primary is a school is a deprived area of Middlesbrough. The children often receive little opportunity other than what they can gain from school. As science Lead for the school, I have been working hard this year to promote science and STEM opportunities for the children.

With the support of funding, I would like the opportunity to arrange some kind of visit with a STEM focus to allow the children 'real-life' experiences. It is often the cost that proves difficult for school, as our parents cannot pay for visits and school can only pay so much. Children having access to STEM learning will impact on their learning and promote career opportunities for the future. Sharing STEM with young children can also encourage them to carry out hands-on activities such as constructing a bridge or a marble run.

The other area that the money could also go towards, is buying in some equipment to help support the children's learning, such as data loggers as these are quite costly but are a real valuable tool to use within the classroom.

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