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The Science Magnets are a group of Year 10 students who, weekly, showcase Science tricks and experiments with students from Year 5 of our local primary schools. The Year 10 students work closely with 1 or 2 Year 5 students and take them through a carousel of 10 tricks or experiments, explaining how to perform the activity and the Scientific principles behind it. Activities such as ‘ ‘growing marshmallows’, ‘flame testing’, ‘making hydrogen’ and ‘UV beaded bracelets’,

The benefits to our students is measurable, they grow in confidence, improve their scientific understanding and develop the skills of communication, leadership and self-management whilst working with a professional approach. We have fantastic feedback from the Primary schools, describing how we enthuse and inspire the pupils whilst developing their scientific understanding and communication skills. It can have a lasting effect on students ultimately leading to a career in the STEM sector.

Our students are keen to develop the Science Magnets, and have 2 directions in which they would like to grow. One is the introduction of new demonstrations to cover a greater range of concepts, and the second is to reach a further audience, both with schools visiting the UTC but also demonstrating at outreach events and Open days. Both would require an input of capital to allow for the purchase of new resources, transport costs etc.

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