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Our project would be to expand on the work Libraries have been doing with Coding activities for children. They are incredibly popular and we have noticed that a lot of parents and grandparents, at holiday events, have also enjoyed taking part. What are intended as a purely children's activity have resulted in adults being active participants rather than observers. This led to develop an idea that would offer coding activities to some of our older customers. We felt that advertising this as a coding event may not seem very appealing to people who have little or no experience or don't even know what coding involved. Therefore we would link it to groups which are already popular with older people in libraries, our craft and Knit and Natter groups. By offering eTextiles or soft circuits to the crafting group we would start by introducing coding in a way that is familiar and comfortable, using crafts.  Making greetings cards with LEDs, stuffed animals with light up eyes etc. This would provide an environment in which we instil confidence in coding but using crafting skills which people are already comfortable with and therefore develop coding activities and gently lead people into different activities or even develop their own designs. Funding would be used to purchase the materials we need to set up the group.

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