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Like many schools, we are are now operating in a very challenging financial environment. Our school is aging, our grounds costly to maintain and our equipment and resources need upgrading; all in the context of a diminishing budget. Furthermore, our location in a relatively affluent area means that additional funding streams available to many schools are not open to us. We are currently promoting children's understanding of maths as our highest priority. Effective maths teaching in a first school relies heavily on practical resources and manipulatives. We provide this style of learning effectively in the Early Years, but need to continue to develop this further throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Research has shown that children need to build their understanding of maths from concrete to abstract and this is underpinned by their exploration and confidence using practical materials. Our current supply of practical resources is scant and we desperately need to enhance our supply and range in order to see further impact on progress, confidence and understanding. We have found Numicon resources provide the development required as they're based on a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, and encourage children to explore maths using structured imagery and apparatus in order to understand and explain mathematical concepts.  We would like to order the following resources which would be managed by our experienced maths lead teachers Kathryn Cameron and Wendy Heide:


Box of 80 Numicon Shapes    x 1 @ £35.70

Numicon large foam shapes   x 2 @ £104.16

TOTAL                                               £244.02

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