3rd Blyth Rainbows, Brownies and Guides. Blyth Rangers


3rd Blyth Rainbows, Brownies and Guides. Blyth Rangers

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  • Girlguiding is very keen to promote STEM activities. We have an exciting new programme, launched September 2018, based on 6 areas of development all of which have STEM activities as the core.
  • 'Take action' encourages the girls to make a difference to the world through recycling, becoming planners, architects and designers.
  • 'Skills for my future' aimed at equipping girls to take their place in the workforce of the future. Can they 'stick it, fix it? Become a DIY expert. Girls can do anything! - try out different jobs. Girls take the lead - head up a task with a team and lead them to success.
  • We have new interest badges eg Construction, Aviation, Space, Investigating, Science, Digital Design
  • Our Rainbow group has 21 girls aged 5 - 7, Brownies have 26 girls aged 7 - 10, Guides 7 girls aged 10 - 14 and Rangers 4 girls aged 14 - 18. With 8 leaders
  • We envisage holding STEM sessions for each group to take part in. Through this the girls will earn their 'skill builders' badges, interest badges and ultimately the theme award.
  • However we are a deprived area. We are all volunteers, we are a non profit making organisation and endeavour to keep our costs down as far as possible so all girls can access the opportunities. We are passionate about providing all we can for the girls, the grant would allow us to purchase equipment to engage the girls, equip them for the future while having fun.

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