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At Corbridge Middle School we have an incredible Science department with inquiring pupils and enthusiastic staff. We try to do practical work in every lesson to encourage a deep understanding of scientific topics and to promote a love of learning. Unfortunately, as a state-funded school, some of our equipment is a little past it's sell-by date!

We have some old optical microscopes but technology has moved on and we would really love to purchase some digital microscopes to enable our students to investigate biological specimens and material samples. The microscopes that are suitable have up to 250x magnification and can be connected to a laptop through a USB so images can be viewed and saved. Integral LEDs provide adjustable lighting.

So that the the microscopes could be used in classrooms as well as in our award winning STEM club, we would really love to by 4 microscopes (total cost £240). The equipment would be used by both KS2 and KS3 pupils to study plants, insects and material textures (including difficult to visualize concepts such as porosity). Microscopes allow students to appreciate objects and how complex they are on a small-scale. They really would enhance pupil understanding of science - and make it fun too!

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