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We are always looking for exciting ways to introduce technology to enhance the curriculum of Early Years to Year 4. Training on the use of Ozobots has shown how versatile these tiny robots can be across the curriculum and we would like to use this grant to purchase a set for the school (we currently have one robot)

In its simplest form, Ozobot will follow a line drawn on paper or a tablet. Our youngest children can be encouraged to form letters and numbers correctly for the Ozobot to follow, or work together to make a map of their town for the robot to travel. Older children can program Ozobot using different colour combinations which cause Ozobot to reverse, zigzag, slow down, speed up etc. This can be used effectively in subjects such as English, where Ozobot can be a character in a story; children draw a story map and Ozobot can be programmed to behave in a certain way at key points of the story, encouraging creativity and expressive vocabulary especially in reluctant writers. It can also be programmed more precisely using coding blocks, challenging children to program it to travel through a maze, draw shapes or use design and technology skills to make accessories to solve problems such as moving objects in a warehouse challenge, encouraging team work and computational thinking.

There is a huge Ozobot community where educators share innovative ideas and these little robots would be an exciting addition to lessons throughout our school.

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