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Here at Kingsley Primary School, we are in the process of setting up a STEM club and would require additional funding to be able to do so. We aim to develop an interest in STEM careers from an early age so that children can take these interests into secondary school and beyond.

Science has a very high profile in our school, shown by us recently being awarded the Enthuse Award for Science. As part of this, staff were able to work with a Science specialist and they learnt new techniques for teaching Science and developing 'working scientifically' skills. Staff are keen to develop these skills further through the STEM club.

We also recently ran a ‘Be an Engineer’ week to encourage children to consider what career opportunities they could have in STEM. The children have been really inspired by this and having a regular STEM club would enable them to pursue their interests further. We hope that through our STEM club we will inspire innovation and give children the knowledge and abilities to be able to develop their own ideas.

If we were awarded the funding, the money would be spent to purchase practical Science resources to allow the children to carry out experiments and investigate different scientific concepts in the weekly club. They would then have the opportunity to design and create their own ideas. We would also like to have access to resources such as electrical components, to enable the children to bring these ideas to life.

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