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1st Beacon Lough is a Girls' Brigade group that meets weekly for children and young people aged 4 to 16 years. We provide a safe space for members to come and belong, have fun and learn new skills. With this they are able to develop new friendship and grow in confidence. We aim to help transform and enrich the lives of our children and young people through the impact of our work.

At Beacon Lough we would use the funding to buy some much needed games equipment. We would buy a range of good quality equipment, such as footballs, skipping ropes and a parachute. We feel that by investing in quality equipment it would last for many years. Having fun and doing games play a big part of our weekly programme. With better games equipment we would do more sports and more team games. This would have a positive impact on our members as it would help develop team work skills, give physical activity for better health and to support mental wellbeing. During the Pandemic, children and young people missed out on much socialising which has impacted lives. At Girls' Brigade, we hope to try provide activities that will help children and young people build back their social skills and give them space to enjoy themselves again.

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