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We have been providing free Conductive Education since 2008 and supported hundreds of children to reach goal-focused, developmental milestones. However, over the years there have been several children we have had to preclude as they were children with very severely limited cognitive ability and Conductive Education requires the child to have some understanding of instructions. This has always been difficult for us and even more so for the parents and children. The issue came to greater attention when a parent asked if their child could only have the massage elements of Conductive Education. We could not accommodate this request at that time due to session and therapist constraints. But in 2017 we were able to start offering Massage Therapy so that no child would be denied our services. 

We would like to continue offering children the benefits of Massage Therapy at our Centre. We currently have a Diploma qualified children’s massage therapist 16 hours per week @ £12.14 per hour. This provides 830 hours of therapy per annum, in excess of 220 children every week at the charity. A total cost of £10,103 including NI, Pensions. We hoped Venator would be interested in supporting us in our appeal to continue offering Massage Therapy.

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