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Travelling Pixies is a new CIC that is committed to promoting wellbeing and creativity through community activities. Working out of Pixie Pots Art studios, the Travelling Pixies are keen to deliver a range of clay and ceramic activities that require working as a team and sharing skills and fostering community cohesion.

Travelling Pixies can travel to any venue and deliver clay activities that teach skills, resilience, team work and most importantly promote creativity. We are hoping to gain funding so that we can subsidise projects within our local Community Centre to create a large ceramic tile display as well as visit our local community hub and deliver clay workshops and other workshops.

Additional planned projects include creating intergenerational art activities, creating large clay sculptures and delivering holiday club activities to those who normally would not have this opportunity. We hope to offer soap making, soap dish painting. Clay in a Day, bath bomb making, Clay Foam, Jumping Clay and painting techniques.

Our staff are well qualified and experienced having worked in partnership with schools, the local authority and delivering workshops to over 600 people in the last six months. 

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