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Seaton Carew fc lions u12 play there football across the north east in the Russell Foster Youth League.

This team almost folded as the previous coaches and some players left the team in January 2020 (u9) but 3 parents stepped in to help the remaining players and with a few new players finished the season where results weren't kind and confidence was low

We added more players to the group as we were heading into 9 v 9 games and because of the different levels of ability, the coaches have worked over the last 2 years, With challenging and enjoyable training sessions, given equal game time win lose or draw and the development of each player has given the group more confidence. Which it has proven what they achieved last season winning there 1st league trophy at u11 age group.

Any sponsors/fund raising we receive it will help towards new training kit as the players have out grown there current kits and the new kit would last the team for 2 seasons

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