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We are a not for profit organisation working with visually impaired children, young people and their families throughout the North East to improve their quality of life through the provision of valuable life skills training, activities and events in order that they can become more independent and self aware on their life's journey.

This funding would be used to pay for an exclusive day excursion to Whitby, North Yorkshire, for our families to participate on a trip in conjunction with with 'Wet Wheels', a national disability powerboating charity based at Whitby (regional operator) who provides fully accessible power boat experiences for disabled people. Participants not only get the opportunity to be a passenger but can take to the helm and become a skipper.

This type of trip not only provides a fantastic experience, team building opportunity and a challenge but also gives the families the chance to spend quality time together, supporting each other and enjoying time away in a different location without the restriction of financial constraints.

We always seek to provide something new and unique that individual families are unlikely to arrange themselves for a number of reasons but as a group have been proven to be valuable at building networks, support and opening new channels of activities to further develop interests and confidence for the children and young people.

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