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Shifting Our Minds is a specialized service, providing support to the Armed Forces community, and in particular, for females, disabled or elderly, and LGB T Veterans. We work on the principle that teamwork, brings together the various professional skills, abilities, and services, that enable holistic support, to achieve lasting change for individuals, by helping to equip individuals with skills to help them take more of a mental and physical control of their own lives, Our team work enables extensive specialized support to be provided, such as psychological therapies (counseling, EMDR, CBT, life coaching) welfare needs such as housing, education, financial, self-care, positive/negative coping strategies, lifestyle, food and exercise.

Teamwork is the cornerstone of our work, enabling the diverse support services to be provided that are conjunctive to creating a learning environment for both personal and professional development.

We extend our teamwork principles, by enabling our specialist services to enhance the work of other organisations, bridging their gap in support for our specific client group.

We celebrate teamwork in this way, and the positive outcomes teamwork has.

This grant will facilitate our teamwork to a greater extent, enabling our clients, and charities, and community organisations, with restricted finances, to access our service free of charge and support our exciting project to fully covert a 17-seater minibus into an equipped mobile therapeutic facility, called “Bluey”, which enables therapy, welfare and well-being support to be taken to other organisations, and to the doorstep of those who are hard to reach.

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