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The Jayess Newbiggin Brass Band is an 'access for all' community music organisation which provides musical education and takes an active role in cultural events both locally and nationally. The band provides instruments, and such necessary equipment as to facilitate the learning and playing of music and a secure learning environment for children and adults to explore their creativity through music education. We take part in twice weekly rehearsals as well as numerous concerts and local events throughout the year including Northumberland Miners’ Picnic, Mauretania Day, Durham Miners Gala and Armistice Day. The band also represents the area on a national level at competitions, winning the North of England Area (Fourth Section) in 2016/2017, the Third Section in 2022. We will be attending The National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain in September.

The money from this grant will be used to help get the Jayess Newbiggin Brass Band to the National Finals. The costs incurred from getting there are not cheap and we need to cover the transport, accommodation, conductor fees and test piece price. Our main source of income is provided from engagements and concerts, donations and grant applications, and we will rely on these sources in 2022 to help us get to Cheltenham. If successful, the money from this grant will be put towards the accommodation costs for Cheltenham. At the moment, we are asking band members to make a contribution, so money kindly donated from grant applications will help to reduce costs for our players.

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